Lady of Leisure

Drumroll please? That’s right folks, my new title officially is: Lady of Leisure. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And let’s be honest, I know some of you are even a little jealous.

I figure there are a few ways I can play this, and the best one is realizing that life has just handed me a **FREE SUMMER BREAK** Do you have any idea what that means living in Chicago?? I’d be a fool to not immediately dive right into my things I want to do list.

For starters, we can kick it off with beaches, friends, summer reading lists!!! :D, yoga, Sox games, photos, traveling, festivals, vacations, family, softball, white wine,…growing, learning, loving, and playing. How often is life really so generous??

I urban dictanary-ed “Lady of Leisure” just to be sure I wouldn’t be getting myself in trouble here:

A polite term for an unemployed woman.

Um, perf.

I also looked up the term “leisure” in case their were any doubts, and if you weren’t jealous before, just read this:

: freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties

Lastly, I did a quick Google Image search and was able to come up with a figurine that I think sums up the phrase quite appropriately. I still need to find myself a nice hat.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my new title. This job is not an easy one, and I’ve got quite a list to knock out before I quit my leisure lifestyle and get a real “job.” I might even start a club of leisurites, as I know a few of you who would already be interested…

Look for my updated bucket list to be posted soon, as well as some updated projects I’m working on to Make it Happen in 2011.

**Please note to any family members, unemployment officers and potential employers that may be reading this, don’t worry…I’m still also very much gainfully seeking employment. I’m just having fun while doing it.**

A for real MixTape

This has got to be the most badass MixTape idea ever. Leave to the clever kids at Holiday Matinee, easily one of my favorite blogs, to come up with this. Each month they drop a new MixTape with a different design and new playlist. The music usually bangs and if it doesn’t you can find yourself just staring at the tape as it goes round and round because it’s that cool. Only thing I don’t know is if you have to flip it half way through… Continue reading

The Roots Crew

The Roots, hailing from Philly. My favorite group eva and for good reasons that I’ll get to in good time. From the moment I heard “You Got Me” as a sophomore in high school I knew I was hooked on the Roots and hip hop in general for life. I know that sounds redic and like the opening scene straight out of Brown Sugar (which both Questlove and Black Thought are in) but it’s true. For now, just know that I’ve got so much material on The Roots that they now have their own category and if you haven’t already bought/rocked/loved their latest album “How I Got Over” you’re slacking hard.