The Adventure List

I’ve got a very full list to say the least. Some of this list dates back to sophomore year in high school and some has been updated to reflect some more recent goals. This is very much a WIP. Enjoy because, I know I will (:

People I Want to Meet:
-Paulo Coelho
-Eckhart Tolle
-Deepak Chopra
-Danielle LaPorte
-Seth Godin
-Chris Guillebeau
-Michael Jordan
-Erin Andrews
-Chelsea Handler
-Leonardo DiCaprio (yep, I’m leaving this one on here)
-Michelle Obama

Places I Want to Go:
-Australia & New Zealand & Fiji
-New Orleans
-Napa Valley

Things I Want to Do:
-Visit every MLB stadium
-Visit every NFL stadium
-Watch the Northern Lights in person
-Bungy Jump
-Hike to a waterfall and possibly jump off it.
-Go Zorbing
-Yoga retreat in a foreign country
-Surf in Maui
-White Water Rafting in Colorado
-Snowboard in Whistler, Tahoe, Alps, South America, New Zealand
-Name a star after myself
-Be on a game show
See the changing of gaurd
-Ride a gondola in Venice
-Hot air balloon ride
-Drive the Autobahn in a 6 series BMW
-Black Water Rafting in New Zealand
-Go to the Olympics (summer and winter)
-See a Super Bowl, wishing and praying for a Bears appearance, but not counting on it
-Go to NCAA Championships and preferably watch the Jayhawks win
-Go to a World Series Game, hopefully with the White Sox
-Own a first home in a city, a second home in the mountains, and a third home on a beach
-Volunteer on a regular basis here in the states
-Go on a trip abroad to volunteer
-See Wicked
-Catch 5 more shows on Broadway
-Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
-Have sex on a beach while drinking a Sex on The Beach
-Attend the Grammys & Oscars
-Participate in a Flashmob
-Cook with herbs from my own garden
-Learn to ballroom dance with my man
-Eat a fish that I catch
Take a helicopter tour of Chicago
-Jetski in Lake Michigan
-Live in a different country for 6 months
-Act in a movie
-Be featured on TV for an accomplishment
-Create a coffee table book of my photographs
-Build a business that allows me to provide value, give back and live life on my own terms

Stuff I Want to Learn:
Yoga (A lifelong journey I know, but the hardest part is out of the way)
How to meditate, on the reg
-A new language
-How to scuba dive
-Photography with a fancy new DSLR
-How to be a better partner in a relationship
-How to be a better friend to the ones I want to keep
-How to be a better family member, cuz they are the only ones I’ve got
-My actual family heritage by building a family tree
Gratitude, on the reg

-*Blog and take pictures of all my adventures*


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