I Heart Street Art

In front of the MCA in Denver, probably one of my favorite spots in Denver.

A post on the Cool Hunter about Street Art says it best; street art can completely change the look of a city if the city council will only be open minded enough. Thankfully I live in places that see the value of turning a piece of brick into something more. I love finding little hidden pieces of art sprinkled around town, it’s like finding a four-leaf clover in the middle of a concrete jungle. Maybe even as cool as finding a dolla bill on the ground. Denver has an absurd amount of sculptures, hidden art and inspiration throughout the city. Here’s a small collection of things that have caught my eye in the past few months.

I love that artist and skateboarder Shepard Fairey’s social experiment has made it this far west. Started in Philly, the Obey Giant has taken on a life of his own. And I learned all of this after taking what I thought was just a sweet pic!

Just a little alley sesh on Clarkson Street.

Found this guy kicking it in the Chi; who doesn’t like a 12 foot Mexican wrestling giant?

On 15th Street in Denver, right before the viaduct to The Station.

Wish I could claim this picture for my own, but I cannot. This is part of a mural project called A Love Letter for You by artist Stephen Powers, who is badass. And I’d say yes to any boy who did this for me.


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