One of my favorite things in life are catchy new words and I’m already predicting that JOMO will take the cake in 2014 for me. In fact, I even just added a new Urban Dictionary definition because I’m that stoked on it and I couldn’t believe it didn’t already have an accurate one on there. (Pending approval, fingers crossed!)


I’ve got a new girl crush on Poorna Bell, the Lifestyle Editor of The Huffington Post, who just published So Long, FOMO-Here’s Why 2014 Will Be The Year of JOMO. This article could not have more accurately pinpointed my views on the damaging effects of FOMO and the merits of JOMO, so I’ll spare you the recap and suggest that you check it out for yourself to see if you agree. And because this blog post will make more sense and have better context if you do. (:

I’ve been battling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) long before it was actually in our vocabulary, however the acronym is so dead-on in describing the scarcity culture that we’ve created for ourselves and it was such a catchy word that that I overdosed on FOMO. Yep, it’s true. It permeated my language and subconscious and brought about what I affectionately call “the end of 2013 mini-meltdown.” I wasn’t taking care of myself, creating space for the things I love to do and make me Shenna Jean. Instead I was “shoulding” all over everyone, mostly myself, depleting my energy, inspiration, and general zest for life because I was running myself ragged trying to take care of every little thing and please everyone but me. My screws were falling out and I wasn’t “dance party Shenna” as the Yin to my Yang can testify.

I realized that the choices I was making weren’t working out for me. If I wanted to get back to what makes me happy, gives me purpose, and lets my light shine, then I needed to make a shift and clear space in my life and in my head, pronto.

Making the lifestyle jump from FOMO to JOMO doesn’t come with an easy button and something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. It’s hard. It requires a lot of trust that I’m on the right path and even more compassion for when I stray. Things like loving my quiet night in on NYE, sleeping like a baby for 12 hours on a Friday night in Cancun, and turning off my computer to turn on my piano keyboard are all big wins in my book and hold me tighter to the vision for my life I am creating.

Aaaaand I know that accountability and writing things down make them a billion time more likely to happen. (#Fact) So I’m helping to kick off the #JOMO movement and if you’re so inclined I’d love for you to join me! A one year goal of mine is “I spend at least 30 minutes of #JOMO time a day” so here is a list of things to do in my #JOMO time, that support me being me, doing things that create space, either physically or mentally.

Shenna Jean’s JOMO List:
-Random dance parties, anywhere
-Practice a song on the piano
-Read a book
-Practice handstands and forearm balances, or any pose for that matter

-Cook a healthy new recipe
-Write a blog post
-Work on my map of Vail Mountain puzzle
-Build yourself a fire
-Write a yoga sequence
-Update pictures in gallery frames
-Bake something for my neighbors
-Try a new wine
-Listen to a new music album
-Anything else that supports me being in the present moment, and not what I “should” be doing

See ya later FOMO, don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on your way out, this girl is now chugging’ the #JOMO juice!



reflecting + creating

Creating 2014

Creating 2014

It always blows my mind that the universe knows how to give you exactly what you need in each moment. It’s New Year’s Eve, I’m sick as a dog, and couldn’t be more pleased about it. The past few years I’ve gotten away from the NYE hype, and spent quiet nights in the cave of Loft 5H reflecting and dreaming of what’s to come. And I’ve loved it. Waking up with no hangover to start the year is super fucking rad, and I usually have a few drinks the  day of to celebrate anyway. Not to mention this new tradition has made for some of the most epic years of my life so far.

So hear I am living in an amazing new place where people from all over the world come to celebrate the end and new beginning. Obviously, the choices of what to do are pretty endless. Ride the Minturn Mile to the saloon for Apres, yoga flow with champagne toast, dinner party + cards of humanity NYE throw down, typical bar scene spending scary amounts of money doing wild things with people I’ll never see again, house parties where you get stuck walking home, waiting for a bus that never comes or sleeping in your car…the list goes on. And if you know me at all, you know how easily I can be persuaded to participate in as many of these shennanigans that I can possibly squeeze in.

And deep down, all week, I’ve known that all I wanted is a quiet night to myself. Cue the universe!

-Wake up with a scratch in my throat that I know is not good. Check.
-Go to breakfast with an amazing new friend who blessed me with a gems of excellence body integration and magic potion used to hyper speed me through whatever sickness is coming my way. Check
-Hyper speed magic potion kicks in and my scratchy throat has escalated to ball of sickness that I can’t seem to hawk up and I realize no amount of snowboarding on catwalks to have a few beers will heal it. Check.
-FedEx makes a NYE miracle happen and is able to deliver lost packages after hours that give us a fighting chance against the angry southerner tourists in town for tomorrow…but only if I can go meet them in the village in the smack dab middle of yoga. Check.
-I head to the bar to feed my hungry traveling mate, and order hot water with lemon and soup for dinner; lame. I’m officially sick. Check.
-Dropped off my mate (he’s British) to head to the party, endured some begging and pleading to please come, or at least wait 30 mins and drive us there, and immediately suffered a coughing fit which finally started my ball of sick on the way out and convinced everyone else that maybe it is best if I just go home. Check.

So here I am, post most amazing bath ever, sipping tea and magic potion, spending time on my blog sharing (a big goal for 2014) and reflecting + creating my 2013/2014. CHECK!!!!!!

I’ve had a lot of people ask about the questions I recently posted online, and if you’ve made it to the end of this post your reward is that you can now have them for yourself (: And I must give credit where credit is due: no, they are not my creation. They are some of the amazing content and support you get after creating your Lifebook, some of you may recall it as the game changing program I went through at the tender age of 24 and later brought me back to Chicago to work for them. I can’t say enough about this program, and hopefully these questions give you a small taste of the value they provide to help you create your ideal life. Click on the link below for the full worksheet and enjoy!

I hope you’re having as much fun this NYE as I am! Looking forward to a wild ride in 2014!

xox -sj


Chitown Chopper Ride

This is what a super badass skyline looks like from inside a helicopter.

I don’t think there is anything better in life than scratching something off your Bucket List, #amiright? The anticipation, the excitement, the out of the ordinary to-do on your daily list…I wish I could scratch adventure list items off everyday. (maybe I should look into that.)
Chicago has about a bazillion tours you can take in order to check out the city, but the helicopter tour by far takes the cake. Here is a sampling of my photos from a birds eye view of the city. Shout out to T-Dub for co-piloting this adventure, Rotorzen Helicoptors for legitimately piloting the operation, and Living Social for making it affordable.

Go Sox Go!

Bear down Chicago Bears!

Chicago River gettin' rowdy

Coming atcha from the Eastside

A new take on my favorite pier

Wouldn't be a complete tour without a little LSD.

Gold Coast's finest

The Hancock up close and personal

Do you see the blue water tower in the center of the pic? That's my crib!

2 birds with one stone: Bulls & Blackhawks looking good this year!

It will always be the Sears.

Everyone looks great in super awkward head gear.

T-Dub wears it much better.

T-Dub, SJ and the Brown Bullet


Playboy pinball machine to foosball table plank.

This past holiday weekend, my friend Hans and I decided to jump on the Plank wagon and I can’t tell you how glad I am that we did. Started by the Aussie’s earlier this year, this fad has been sweeping the world. In case you’re wondering what’s the point, there isn’t one really. Just lay down like a plank and take a picture.

Here’s a nice little collection of our planks. In case you’re wondering, we were going for the “austere glare” in a few of these, but have since been corrected that a proper plank shows no emotion whatsoever and is completely face down. Got it.

And you can be sure there will be more where this came from.

The original plank that kicked it off.

Shadow Plank.

Home Plate Plank.

The watch out Hans is going to pants you on top of an 8 foot rock plank.

Picnic table plank.

Lady of Leisure

Drumroll please? That’s right folks, my new title officially is: Lady of Leisure. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And let’s be honest, I know some of you are even a little jealous.

I figure there are a few ways I can play this, and the best one is realizing that life has just handed me a **FREE SUMMER BREAK** Do you have any idea what that means living in Chicago?? I’d be a fool to not immediately dive right into my things I want to do list.

For starters, we can kick it off with beaches, friends, summer reading lists!!! :D, yoga, Sox games, photos, traveling, festivals, vacations, family, softball, white wine,…growing, learning, loving, and playing. How often is life really so generous??

I urban dictanary-ed “Lady of Leisure” just to be sure I wouldn’t be getting myself in trouble here:

A polite term for an unemployed woman.

Um, perf.

I also looked up the term “leisure” in case their were any doubts, and if you weren’t jealous before, just read this:

: freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties

Lastly, I did a quick Google Image search and was able to come up with a figurine that I think sums up the phrase quite appropriately. I still need to find myself a nice hat.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my new title. This job is not an easy one, and I’ve got quite a list to knock out before I quit my leisure lifestyle and get a real “job.” I might even start a club of leisurites, as I know a few of you who would already be interested…

Look for my updated bucket list to be posted soon, as well as some updated projects I’m working on to Make it Happen in 2011.

**Please note to any family members, unemployment officers and potential employers that may be reading this, don’t worry…I’m still also very much gainfully seeking employment. I’m just having fun while doing it.**

Cute Shoes Attract Crazy? Or is it just me?

I’m a fan of any sort of wearable conversation pieces, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into with these puppies. A fun pair of flats are an essential to any fabulous woman’s wardrobe and this pair clearly steals center stage. A day-glo denim coral masterpiece; I love em. Apparently, so do the men.

While out at a Chicago Fire game this past weekend I received multiple compliments from a wide range of polite males. Standing in line at half time a college aged kid came up behind us and said, “Whoa! I definitely won’t be loosing you with those shoes! I’m from New York, this is my first game and you should be excited for me.” He quickly realized he was in between a rock and hard place in trying to decide between hitting on my 15 year old step sister or the 27 year old who clearly had no interest in him.

Walking out of the stadium a man old enough to be my father walked by and hollered “Cute shoes!” to which I replied, “Hey thanks!” Impressed by the gentleman’s keen sense of fashion I continued my trek across the parking lot and not even 5 minutes later a car pulled up and yelled “Hey look! It’s the girl with the cute shoes!” and started cheering. I waved to my adoring fans and continued my journey back to the city.

Compliments on the shuttle, as well as an awkward run in with the college kid (“Hey! There you are! Guess I was wrong! You didn’t even say good bye and I couldn’t find your shoes anywhere!”) led to pleasantries on the El. A man whom we’ll call “Crazy” pulled up a seat next to me with a “WOW! Day glo orange?!” I looked at him and said “Yes, that’s right.” He began telling me about a “place” that he had seen with lights that color coming through the windows but he didn’t trust what was going on inside.

At that point he began pulling items out of the bags he had with him. The first was a used ball cap from Marseilles, IL reminding the wearer to Support Our Troops. He was proud, as it “looks brand new doesn’t it?!” Next out of the bag was a cassette tape of CATS! the musical. He was delighted with his purchase until he realized that it was Tape 2 of 2 and he was missing the mate. “Oh well. It only cost 35 cents. I’m going to give it to my friend anyway. She used to live in this real small apartment and she loved cats. She had 30 of them but then she went to a mental health facility. Do you know anyone in a mental health facility?”

I thought for a second, running through the people I know that should probably be in a nuthouse, but admitted that no, I did not. “That’s ok. You’re better off that way. They run around dropping the N-word and that’s not ok cuz I live by a bunch of gang bangers that would shoot you for saying for something like that.” I stared at him, not quite understanding what was happening and said “I’d imagine they would.”

Next he pulled out a single gold hoop earring, that clearly had been found on the ground and looked as if a truck had backed over it a few times. “No, but thank you.” I politely declined. “No, no! It’s not for you! I was wondering if you think my lady friend would like it. You know, the one in the health facility?” Hmmmm.  “Yes, I’m sure she’d think it’s quite nice.” He then proceeded to pull out 8 nose rings from his wallet he’d been saving for her, a rusted, foggy, stretchy tennis bracelet and another equally ridiculous single earring.

“Well. That’s quite a collection you’ve got. You’re friend is very lucky to have a friend like you.”

“Thanks. I think so too. Welp. Roosevelt. This is me. Nice talking to ya!”

I look over to my mother and her husband who have been doubled over in laughter the entire time, offering no words of rescue. They did however manage to capture a classic photo of me and my new Crazy friend that sums up our time together quite well.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

I was quite a lucky girl as I received more flowers in my life than ever this year. From wish you wells, to sorry I really fucked up, to silver friendship bouquets, the $5 bouquet I bought myself, to just because and more, here is a collection of my bouquets thus far. Thank you to all for thinking of me!  Note: Just because I’m blogging about them now doesn’t mean the year is up. I’m still taking entries. 1017 W. Washington #5H Chicago, IL 60607 if you’d like to help me add to the collection (:

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It’s the Little Things in Life

Maybe my current read, The Alchemist, is rubbing off too much, but I can’t help but notice the all of the small omens surrounding me these past few days. I’ve always found pleasure in the small things, things that most people wouldn’t think twice about. My favorite number on a plane ticket, a spot-on fortune cookie, a window display of notecards in the bottom of my new building, an unexpected apology for a long forgotten err, a song that steals the current thoughts right out of my head. If ever there were any doubts as to whether Chicago was the right decision at this time in my life, all signs and omens are now pointing towards hell yes it is. They might be small and insignificant events in the big picture, but when looking for support and direction while embracing a new adventure it’s the little things that keep me charging ahead.