My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.


2012: Time to get after it.


Lady of Leisure

Drumroll please? That’s right folks, my new title officially is: Lady of Leisure. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And let’s be honest, I know some of you are even a little jealous.

I figure there are a few ways I can play this, and the best one is realizing that life has just handed me a **FREE SUMMER BREAK** Do you have any idea what that means living in Chicago?? I’d be a fool to not immediately dive right into my things I want to do list.

For starters, we can kick it off with beaches, friends, summer reading lists!!! :D, yoga, Sox games, photos, traveling, festivals, vacations, family, softball, white wine,…growing, learning, loving, and playing. How often is life really so generous??

I urban dictanary-ed “Lady of Leisure” just to be sure I wouldn’t be getting myself in trouble here:

A polite term for an unemployed woman.

Um, perf.

I also looked up the term “leisure” in case their were any doubts, and if you weren’t jealous before, just read this:

: freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties

Lastly, I did a quick Google Image search and was able to come up with a figurine that I think sums up the phrase quite appropriately. I still need to find myself a nice hat.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my new title. This job is not an easy one, and I’ve got quite a list to knock out before I quit my leisure lifestyle and get a real “job.” I might even start a club of leisurites, as I know a few of you who would already be interested…

Look for my updated bucket list to be posted soon, as well as some updated projects I’m working on to Make it Happen in 2011.

**Please note to any family members, unemployment officers and potential employers that may be reading this, don’t worry…I’m still also very much gainfully seeking employment. I’m just having fun while doing it.**

Ready Set MO.

I’ve always had a thing for mustaches, how can you not they are AWESOME. I’m down to rock a fake mustache to any type of event (Bears game most recently, may have even seen me in the club sportin’ one) and I love commenting on a sweet stache if it’s meant to be a sweet stache. There are some legit creepy staches out there which you truly want to avoid.

Last November I had the distinct pleasure of spending my time traveling and working all over England and it was there I uncovered an amazing movement called Movember. It wasn’t until about the second week of November that I started noticing sweet staches everywhere I turned. On the tube, in the streets, on campus, at the pubs, you name it. Only difference was that they call them “Mo’s” and that they were doing it to raise money for cancer. I was floored and immediately backed it.

It was started by a few mates in 2004 down in Australia, more for the excuse just to rock a wild mo. After the first year, they realized it’s immense potential and decided to create the male’s version of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Movember was born. Here in the states, all proceeds raised by Movember benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveSTRONG.

Over the past year I’ve asked guys who have sweet Mo’s if they have ever participated in Movember and to my surprise, hardly anyone over here has even heard of it. Most every guy I’ve explained the story to is down and loves the concept, so here we are today.

No, I haven’t had a family member affected by prostate or testicular cancer. Especially given the scary stats, I’ve been extremely blessed to not have had a male in my life diagnosed. I hope and pray that it stays that way. In 2010, more than 32,000 men will die from prostate cancer alone which is a very sobering thought.

My contribution to the world thus far hasn’t been anything magnificent but slow and steady and I’d like to continue down that path. The awareness around the issue is LAME and deserves much more credit that it’s currently given. If I can throw up a Facebook event, write a blog and generate a slight buzz around it, I am happy to do so for a great cause and a sweet Mo.

Here’s how it works: Donate or grow a mo. That simple.

Doesn’t matter where you live, go to my MoSpace page (haha get it) to make a donation or join my crew and start rockin’ your Mo.

Team Name: Ready Set MO!

Don’t be LAME, help spread the word.

Rado to the Chi

I’m 2 weeks out from moving across the country, leaving one home for another. I never saw it coming this soon, but when does life ever play fair? My emotions over the whole situation have been out of control, and for that my friends I apologize. We all know I can be a hot mess at times, but I truly appreciate you all for appeasing my extreme hot mess-ness as of late.

A summary timeline of my thought process over the last month and half:

Gut reaction? Hell yes. 1 week in: Hmm. Series of unfortunate events: This is going to be way harder than I thought. Unexpected response: Ok! I got this. Another series of unfortunate events: Aaaand it’s time for me to go.

Today while on a blog blitz multitasking the packing of my relocube: Let’s do this.

I can’t say I haven’t been extremely butthurt about leaving Rado the past few weeks. You would be too if you had to leave an amazing bubble of sun and snow, where people run around playing all day. I’ve got a sweet gig at a killer company, amazing circle of friends who have nearly become my family and the biggest adult playground I’ve ever come across in my exploring. A lot of people would say, “Nah, I’m good right here.”

On the flipside, I’ve always told myself I’d go home if the right opportunity presented itself. A dream job working for my mentor to launch my career, the official Chi-town crew and actual family, all in one of the (in my humble opinion) sickest cities the US has to offer? Pretty much the opportunity of a lifetime right I’d say. I’d be violating my own personal morals if I didn’t go. Not to mention the line-up of events this year in Chicago are epic, in which case my presence was required anyway.

Time to grow up and go get my dreams. As scary as that is, I’m ready and waiting to go rock it.

I’ll be back Rado, I’m not done with you yet. But in the meantime, I will be enjoying my new view.