My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.


2012: Time to get after it.


Lady of Leisure

Drumroll please? That’s right folks, my new title officially is: Lady of Leisure. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And let’s be honest, I know some of you are even a little jealous.

I figure there are a few ways I can play this, and the best one is realizing that life has just handed me a **FREE SUMMER BREAK** Do you have any idea what that means living in Chicago?? I’d be a fool to not immediately dive right into my things I want to do list.

For starters, we can kick it off with beaches, friends, summer reading lists!!! :D, yoga, Sox games, photos, traveling, festivals, vacations, family, softball, white wine,…growing, learning, loving, and playing. How often is life really so generous??

I urban dictanary-ed “Lady of Leisure” just to be sure I wouldn’t be getting myself in trouble here:

A polite term for an unemployed woman.

Um, perf.

I also looked up the term “leisure” in case their were any doubts, and if you weren’t jealous before, just read this:

: freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties

Lastly, I did a quick Google Image search and was able to come up with a figurine that I think sums up the phrase quite appropriately. I still need to find myself a nice hat.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my new title. This job is not an easy one, and I’ve got quite a list to knock out before I quit my leisure lifestyle and get a real “job.” I might even start a club of leisurites, as I know a few of you who would already be interested…

Look for my updated bucket list to be posted soon, as well as some updated projects I’m working on to Make it Happen in 2011.

**Please note to any family members, unemployment officers and potential employers that may be reading this, don’t worry…I’m still also very much gainfully seeking employment. I’m just having fun while doing it.**

Pequod’s Za

I LOVE pizza. I typically eat it in some form at least 3 times a week. And last night I may have found the love of my life. I’m typically a thin crust girl, as the last 10 years of my life I’ve lived no where near decent deep dish. However, now that I’m back home my world of food has been flipped upside down.

Last night I went to Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park and had my world rocked. The line was absurd but we waited regardless. Conversation quickly turned to the origin of the name, which happens to be the ship that went after the great Moby Dick. Wait, it gets better. Please note the hot pink thong around the whales head. Yes, that’s a thong. Apparently according to our waitress (who stalled 3 times before finally telling us the significance) “Moby Dick went down for a slice of pizza pie and came up with those on his head.” Yes, this is a family establishment. The owner was actually  there, running around like he usually does on crazy weekend nights with his long, grey, braided pony tail. He looked like a guy I’d sit and have a beer with and I’m pretty sure he’s had his fair share of pie in his day.

The pizza was INSANE. A caramelized crust?? You’ve got to be kidding me. Here’s a quote from the menu: “Our deep dish is baked in cast iron pans blackened by decades of seasoning. The overflowing cheese emerges from the oven as a halo of caramelized crust.” I nearly j’d my p’s. I know, I have a problem when it comes to bread and cheese.

To top it all off, Rum & Cokes were $5 for what seemed like a triple and it’s a pretty legit sports bar with tv’s all around to watch the first Blackhawks win of the season and the usual Bulls overtime loss. Come for a visit and I’ll take you for a slice of the best pie you’ve ever tasted (;

PS I’m eating my leftovers right now, which if baked at 350 for approx 15 mins will blow your mind just as well.

Anthem Branding Happy Hour

If I haven’t already told you about this, then we probably haven’t caught up recently. This is my little networking side project I’ve been working on for a while at work and it’s almost here! 2140 is the Boulder Chamber’s Young Professionals Networking group; they do a great job at putting on Happy Hours, Luncheons, and Philanthropic events in the community to get people between the ages of 21 & 40 together to socialize. It’s not a pretentious group of card shovers, just people like you and me that like to meet & greet with a drink and chat it up.

On Wednesday Sept 22 from 5:30-7:3opm Anthem Branding is partnering with 2140 to host the September Happy Hour. With the recent wildfires in our neck of the woods, the non-profit we’ve decided to benefit could not be a better choice. EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) has helped thousands of families in need, providing food, shelter, rent assistance, furniture and more. They are currently playing a critical role in supporting the families that have been devastated by the recent Fourmile Wildfire and the ongoing Larimer County Wildfire.

Upslope Brewing Co has generously donated their delicious beer for the occasion, Comida, the mobile Mexican feast will be rolling up in the parking lot to dish out some tacos, and wine will be flowing. We’re suggesting a $15 donation to EFAA if you come…there are a lot of families that have lost everything and need a little boost. We’ll get the party tab, you just show up, support a great cause, and have a good time.

2 more reasons you should come: Anthem is known for rad swag and if you get there early you just might get some fly gear of your own. And I’m moving 3 days later, so come say good bye please (: