My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.


2012: Time to get after it.


Holiday Jamsauce Playlist

Tis the season for holiday tunes and what better way to celebrate than with a festive new playlist. Introducing: Holiday Jamsauce, a collection of songs that will make you tap your toe, reminesce of your childhood and shake your groove thang. Must give credit where credit is due…I was inspired by a lulu blog post that got me started. Then I collabo’d with the executive chef/playlist master of Loft 5H to make sure we had all the classics and then peppered in some flavor of my own. Enjoy.

A few highlights:
“Christmas in Harlem”: Kanye does Christmas? Um, yes please.
“Carol of the Bells”: An a cappella version by the group Straight No Chaser; don’t sleep on these guys.
“Last Christmas”: George Michaels, need I say more.
“Frosty the Snowman”: Fiona Apple puts her gritty spin on childhood classic.

How much do you love spotify?! Me too.

Jamsauce: A song that is totally and completely jammable; in a righteous way.
Ex: Turn it up man! That song is hella jamsauce! 

You’re Gonna Love This.

I decided to let a little bit of my crazy out on camera with some friends a while back and now it’s available for your viewing pleasure! Don’t get excited, all clothes stay on as this is a viral promo video for the Epic Pass (get one and see you on the mou) and just launched via Freeskier Magazine and Vail Ski Resort. Marty Lempkin is a special fellow, as my character Gretchen McIlroy goes to great lengths to explain. He’s played by pro skier Colby West, who has no shortage of crazy either, be it on the slopes or on the screen. Check out my boy’s company Stimulus Media to see last years videos which will help explain what the f*@k is going on.