Holiday Jamsauce Playlist

Tis the season for holiday tunes and what better way to celebrate than with a festive new playlist. Introducing: Holiday Jamsauce, a collection of songs that will make you tap your toe, reminesce of your childhood and shake your groove thang. Must give credit where credit is due…I was inspired by a lulu blog post that got me started. Then I collabo’d with the executive chef/playlist master of Loft 5H to make sure we had all the classics and then peppered in some flavor of my own. Enjoy.

A few highlights:
“Christmas in Harlem”: Kanye does Christmas? Um, yes please.
“Carol of the Bells”: An a cappella version by the group Straight No Chaser; don’t sleep on these guys.
“Last Christmas”: George Michaels, need I say more.
“Frosty the Snowman”: Fiona Apple puts her gritty spin on childhood classic.

How much do you love spotify?! Me too.

Jamsauce: A song that is totally and completely jammable; in a righteous way.
Ex: Turn it up man! That song is hella jamsauce! 


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