Flashmobs Rock

It just dawned on me that I never shared the final product of our flashmob on Michigan Ave! Without further ado, I present Chicago’s Sexiest Flashmob brought to you by lululemon athletica rush & 900 and friends! Yeaaaaa I workout. (That chocolate m&m has nothing on us.)


Bumpin’ Tunes

In no particular order, here are 5 albums that rocked my world in 2011.

1. Common “The Dreamer, the Believer.” Ok, I lied. In particular order, this is no. 1, a must listen. While always known as a thought provoking lyricist and poet, Common takes it to a whole new level this go around. I mean, who else has Maya Angelou on their opening track? She also backs his new book, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” which I’m obvi pretty pumped for. (Review of that bad boy forthcoming) Theme of this album: Dare to dream and watch what happens. *Sold. Not to mention, the album art is the perfect visual depiction of how b’d my m feels while listening.

2. The Black Keys “El Camino” Whoasauce, these brothers are so badass. Have been for a while and they definitely do not disappoint with their latest album. By far my fave rock album of the year. I’m still really interested in putting together a flashmob with this guy’s moves. Lmk if you’re down…

3. Foster the People “Torches” If you’re looking for a straight up jammin’ album, look no further my friends. Every song that made the cut is a toe tapper with great lyrics. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to dance around in front of your mirror rockin’ out. (yea, you know I did!) Super sad I was late to the party on the show in Chicago (ON MY BIRTHDAY NONETHELESS)…which means I also missed out on the Do-Good Bus. SUPER sad face ): Fingers crossed they bring it back on their upcoming tour.

4. The Roots “Undun”  The ol’ roots crew has dropped another winner. Usually every other album is a “eh”, but I’m a fan of this character themed record backing up “How I Got Over” (which was pretty awesome). I’m also a sucker for piano based instrumentals of all kinds, so my seal of loving approval has been stamped on “Undun” Also, loving this graphically depicted breakdown of the record from The Fader.

5. Adele “21” I’d have to discount my own music taste if I didn’t include this one. Homegirl is legit, and I swear this has nothing to do with my obsession of English accents. It may have something to do with my affection for pianos.  A youthful old soul with a magical voicebox that reaches deep inside and stirs up some emotions you didn’t even know existed. I think they call that soul shaking and that pretty much sums her up.

6. Gramatik “Streetbangerz Vol. 1 & 2” I lied again, 6 albums that rocked my world. I already did a post on this one, check it out here. And don’t be fooled by the thug life title, I know senior citizens who love this guy.

2012 can’t wait to see whatcha got!

Holiday Jamsauce Playlist

Tis the season for holiday tunes and what better way to celebrate than with a festive new playlist. Introducing: Holiday Jamsauce, a collection of songs that will make you tap your toe, reminesce of your childhood and shake your groove thang. Must give credit where credit is due…I was inspired by a lulu blog post that got me started. Then I collabo’d with the executive chef/playlist master of Loft 5H to make sure we had all the classics and then peppered in some flavor of my own. Enjoy.

A few highlights:
“Christmas in Harlem”: Kanye does Christmas? Um, yes please.
“Carol of the Bells”: An a cappella version by the group Straight No Chaser; don’t sleep on these guys.
“Last Christmas”: George Michaels, need I say more.
“Frosty the Snowman”: Fiona Apple puts her gritty spin on childhood classic.

How much do you love spotify?! Me too.

Jamsauce: A song that is totally and completely jammable; in a righteous way.
Ex: Turn it up man! That song is hella jamsauce! 

Listen Now: Gramatik

I’ve been listening to one artist for the past 3 weeks…that’s what happens when I find a new one that I’m mui obsessed and impressed with. So I’ll write a blog post and then quit talking about him.


As soon as you take 5 mins to listen and rock your own world.

Gramatik– the best producer you’ve never heard of. Originally from Slovenia, this guy throws down hard. He’s got quite a few albums floating around out there, but to get you hooked I HIGHLY recommend (I actually am going to make it mandatory for my music peeps, you know who you are) that you check out Street Bangerz Vol. 1 and Street Bangerz Vol. 2.

“Well what is he?” everyone asks. My response: “Everything and nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Gramatik takes hip hop beats and infuses them with equal parts jazz, funk, soul and electronic to create a vibe that is intoxicating. You can’t help but immediately be drawn in and next thing you know your tapping your toe and bobbin’ your head and asking, “What is this?!” My response: “Your new favorite album.”

He’s also got producer Derek Vincent Smith’s (better known as Pretty Lights) toe tappin’ too…enough that Gramatik is the latest edition to the exclusive Pretty Lights Music record label. 

So whatever you were planning on doing once you finished reading this post, push it back 5 mins and click here instead.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Flashmob’s are hot right now. So hot that I decided to put together some flashmob action as a surprise for one of my best friend’s and her new husband at their wedding reception.

I can’t say that it was easy. Quality choreography that appeals to everyone, makes sense with the song, and is quick to learn doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. And then comes motivating the masses to spend their hard earned leisure time learning a dance. Believe me, that is no small chore either. Thank god for my drill team roots is all I can say.

However, with the help of fabulous friend, a few bottles of wine, iMovie and the use of YouTube, it can be done. From soup to nuts, we provided a music video, instructional video, as well as the song lyrics with moves like trucker pump, blind man, and hula girl written out, so about 30 of our friends could provide the memory of a lifetime for one of our all time favorite couples.

Many many thanks goes out to Hans Gehrke for without the blind man move the dance just wouldn’t have been the same, Joan of Five Grain Events who weaved this secret endeavor into the evening’s schedule seamlessly, Stitely Entertainment (special shout out to Dallas Wright!) who was the only one I’m aware that captured the brilliance on film. And last but not least, to all the friends who made it possible!!! Not going to lie, you guys had me sweating the day before, but made me so proud that night!

Without further ado, I give you the Jordan Wedding Flashmob Part 1. And please do call if you’d like a flashmob (:

A for real MixTape

This has got to be the most badass MixTape idea ever. Leave to the clever kids at Holiday Matinee, easily one of my favorite blogs, to come up with this. Each month they drop a new MixTape with a different design and new playlist. The music usually bangs and if it doesn’t you can find yourself just staring at the tape as it goes round and round because it’s that cool. Only thing I don’t know is if you have to flip it half way through… Continue reading

The Roots Crew

The Roots, hailing from Philly. My favorite group eva and for good reasons that I’ll get to in good time. From the moment I heard “You Got Me” as a sophomore in high school I knew I was hooked on the Roots and hip hop in general for life. I know that sounds redic and like the opening scene straight out of Brown Sugar (which both Questlove and Black Thought are in) but it’s true. For now, just know that I’ve got so much material on The Roots that they now have their own category and if you haven’t already bought/rocked/loved their latest album “How I Got Over” you’re slacking hard.