A for real MixTape

This has got to be the most badass MixTape idea ever. Leave to the clever kids at Holiday Matinee, easily one of my favorite blogs, to come up with this. Each month they drop a new MixTape with a different design and new playlist. The music usually bangs and if it doesn’t you can find yourself just staring at the tape as it goes round and round because it’s that cool. Only thing I don’t know is if you have to flip it half way through… Continue reading


What a great way to kick off the Stuff I think is Cool category. The Awkward Moment cards are brilliant. Not only do I have a secret obsession for notecards in the first place, but had I known about them sooner I would have blown through a few boxes already. Perfect to start off those conversations you never thought you’d have to have. Please advise if you need my updated address. Continue reading