Listen Now: Gramatik

I’ve been listening to one artist for the past 3 weeks…that’s what happens when I find a new one that I’m mui obsessed and impressed with. So I’ll write a blog post and then quit talking about him.


As soon as you take 5 mins to listen and rock your own world.

Gramatik– the best producer you’ve never heard of. Originally from Slovenia, this guy throws down hard. He’s got quite a few albums floating around out there, but to get you hooked I HIGHLY recommend (I actually am going to make it mandatory for my music peeps, you know who you are) that you check out Street Bangerz Vol. 1 and Street Bangerz Vol. 2.

“Well what is he?” everyone asks. My response: “Everything and nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Gramatik takes hip hop beats and infuses them with equal parts jazz, funk, soul and electronic to create a vibe that is intoxicating. You can’t help but immediately be drawn in and next thing you know your tapping your toe and bobbin’ your head and asking, “What is this?!” My response: “Your new favorite album.”

He’s also got producer Derek Vincent Smith’s (better known as Pretty Lights) toe tappin’ too…enough that Gramatik is the latest edition to the exclusive Pretty Lights Music record label. 

So whatever you were planning on doing once you finished reading this post, push it back 5 mins and click here instead.


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