I finally made it to ESPN! Kind of.

You probably have already seen the video. BUT, you probably haven’t read the article yet, which is awesome. It’s always been dream of mine to be the next Erin Andrews on the sidelines. While this isn’t quite the same (my video is a little more family friendly than hers) I have finally made it to ESPN. Ok, just ESPN online. And it’s under the Action Sports blog, which I didn’t even realize existed, but I’ll take it!! And I shouldn’t even take credit, it’s all Gretch on there kids.

Plus I’m stalling for time while I finish up some other blog posts that are taking ages. I know I’ve been terrible, bare with me I’m the midst of a huge life transition folks. Thanks.

Check it out here.


You’re Gonna Love This.

I decided to let a little bit of my crazy out on camera with some friends a while back and now it’s available for your viewing pleasure! Don’t get excited, all clothes stay on as this is a viral promo video for the Epic Pass (get one and see you on the mou) and just launched via¬†Freeskier Magazine and Vail Ski Resort. Marty Lempkin is a special fellow, as my character Gretchen McIlroy goes to great lengths to explain. He’s played by pro skier Colby West, who has no shortage of crazy either, be it on the slopes or on the screen. Check out my boy’s company Stimulus Media to see last years videos which will help explain what the f*@k is going on.