One of my favorite things in life are catchy new words and I’m already predicting that JOMO will take the cake in 2014 for me. In fact, I even just added a new Urban Dictionary definition because I’m that stoked on it and I couldn’t believe it didn’t already have an accurate one on there. (Pending approval, fingers crossed!)


I’ve got a new girl crush on Poorna Bell, the Lifestyle Editor of The Huffington Post, who just published So Long, FOMO-Here’s Why 2014 Will Be The Year of JOMO. This article could not have more accurately pinpointed my views on the damaging effects of FOMO and the merits of JOMO, so I’ll spare you the recap and suggest that you check it out for yourself to see if you agree. And because this blog post will make more sense and have better context if you do. (:

I’ve been battling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) long before it was actually in our vocabulary, however the acronym is so dead-on in describing the scarcity culture that we’ve created for ourselves and it was such a catchy word that that I overdosed on FOMO. Yep, it’s true. It permeated my language and subconscious and brought about what I affectionately call “the end of 2013 mini-meltdown.” I wasn’t taking care of myself, creating space for the things I love to do and make me Shenna Jean. Instead I was “shoulding” all over everyone, mostly myself, depleting my energy, inspiration, and general zest for life because I was running myself ragged trying to take care of every little thing and please everyone but me. My screws were falling out and I wasn’t “dance party Shenna” as the Yin to my Yang can testify.

I realized that the choices I was making weren’t working out for me. If I wanted to get back to what makes me happy, gives me purpose, and lets my light shine, then I needed to make a shift and clear space in my life and in my head, pronto.

Making the lifestyle jump from FOMO to JOMO doesn’t come with an easy button and something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. It’s hard. It requires a lot of trust that I’m on the right path and even more compassion for when I stray. Things like loving my quiet night in on NYE, sleeping like a baby for 12 hours on a Friday night in Cancun, and turning off my computer to turn on my piano keyboard are all big wins in my book and hold me tighter to the vision for my life I am creating.

Aaaaand I know that accountability and writing things down make them a billion time more likely to happen. (#Fact) So I’m helping to kick off the #JOMO movement and if you’re so inclined I’d love for you to join me! A one year goal of mine is “I spend at least 30 minutes of #JOMO time a day” so here is a list of things to do in my #JOMO time, that support me being me, doing things that create space, either physically or mentally.

Shenna Jean’s JOMO List:
-Random dance parties, anywhere
-Practice a song on the piano
-Read a book
-Practice handstands and forearm balances, or any pose for that matter

-Cook a healthy new recipe
-Write a blog post
-Work on my map of Vail Mountain puzzle
-Build yourself a fire
-Write a yoga sequence
-Update pictures in gallery frames
-Bake something for my neighbors
-Try a new wine
-Listen to a new music album
-Anything else that supports me being in the present moment, and not what I “should” be doing

See ya later FOMO, don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on your way out, this girl is now chugging’ the #JOMO juice!