Happy Gratitude Day!

Best holiday ever? I think so. Epic amounts of food, all prepared with love. Friends, family and loved ones creating space to spend nothing but quality time with each other. Football, happy juice, naps and counting your blessings?? Um, yes please.

If I can point to one thing that has dramatically changed my life, I’m going with the attitude of gratitude. It’s flipped my world upside down and allowed me to see things from a new perspective, all while minimizing my feelings of scarcity and upping the ante on abundance.

Thanksgiving 2010 was the first time I can recall truly being grateful. It was an experience so incredible that I’ve dedicated my last waking moments of each day to recreating it. I call it goodnite gratitude and it’s pretty simple: as your laying down for bed, think of 3 things from your day you’re grateful for, go! It’s been a cozy way to end my day, reflecting on the amazing people, experiences and things that I’ve been blessed with.

This Turkey day, I triple dog dare you to make it about something more. Instead of wishing everyone you come across “Happy Thanksgiving!” or T-giving or Turkey day or whatever clever new thing I haven’t heard of yet, share something that you’re truly grateful for in your life. Or about them! While waiting for the turkey to be carved, play a game of categories naming things your grateful for round robin style. Possibilities? Endless.

Oprah dropped a gem in a meditation challenge recently: “If the only prayer you ever say is *thank you*, that will be enough.” #truth

Things I’m geeked and grateful for: sunshine & snow, friends, family & loved ones, roomies, neighbors & lovas, my work fam, the Vail Valley community, food, fellowship, getting turns brah, football, naps & happy juice, wood burning fireplaces, loose leaf tea, books lots of books, endless adventures, coconut, pepper, chapstick & williams sonoma winter forest lotion, water, yoga, my keyboard, lululemon, salted caramel anything, #smallchangeBIGshift, saunas, wunder unders, Sorels, wool socks, cuties, handstands, music, snowboarding, sparkling water and life with a view.

I’m super grateful you read this, thank you!! xox -sj